About – Our Staff

Camp Triumph would not be possible without the tremendous dedication and enthusiasm of our staff. These people take time off from their jobs and dedicate a week or more of their summer to volunteer at camp and provide a supportive and fun environment for our campers. Many give time year round to make this camp possible. 

All activities are supervised by trained staff who ensure everyone has a great time in a safe and positive environment.

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Reflections over the years from some of our staff...

From Emily Chiasson,

As a medical student, my days are filled with learning about physiological processes, diseases, illnesses and how to treat them.  I am often in awe of what the human body is capable of and the way it expresses the signs and symptoms of illness.

Because it is so easy to get caught up in the details of a disease, illness or disability, my medical program tries to encourage us to treat the person first, in context of their reason for seeking health care.  I know that in theory this seems like a basic, logical, and fairly easy concept to remember, but I have a feeling that in practice, when things are busy and time is at a premium, that this concept gets forgotten a little more often than it should. 

From Allie Lannan,

Before this summer, I had never worked as a residential camp counsellor and had no idea what to expect, working with both counsellors and campers whom I’d never met. From the moment I arrived I immediately felt as if I was part of a team and wasn’t treated any differently for being the youngest amongst the group. 

I was so excited when I got to meet “my girls”, and loved acting as the big sister, not only to my girls, but also to all of the rest of the girls at camp. It’s not every day that you go to a camp and get to know every child on a personal basis, or when you go to say good-night to a few kids, you end up going around to all 20 giving them bed time hugs and having sing-alongs to Camp Rock and the Spice Girls! 

From Tim Holland,

Being a counsellor at Camp Triumph is easily one of the best experiences of my life. It is a wild emotional roller-coaster that grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go. This roller-coaster carries you back to all the crazy highs of childhood. 

Sometimes in our everyday life we get too caught up in pretending to be adults, but Camp Triumph tears away all these unnecessary habits. There’s nothing like chasing your shadow around in circles to remember why it’s great to be alive. Waking up to kids laughing is by far a much better incentive to get going in the morning than an alarm clock buzzing in your ear (even if you are waking up three hours earlier than usual). 

From Kathi Sheriko,

Camp Triumph gives kids a chance to let go of the stresses of their lives for a time.  So what gives them a sense of belonging to a special group who shares their feelings, challenges and triumphs?  I have the rare opportunity to step back and watch the interactions that take place throughout every camp.  What I witness gives me a feeling of hope, pride and an overwhelming sense that despite the hardships, life has so much to give. 

The Kitchen - By Debbie Fredericks

Camp Triumph has a big appetite to say the least! From dawn ‘til darkness, kids and counsellors are extremely active and so they come for meals hungry and they dig right in. They arrive for breakfast to fuel up for a busy morning and again for lunch and supper, always curious about the menu and appreciative of the cooks’ efforts. I have been a member of the kitchen staff for three summers, but since I am not much of a cook, I tend to fill the role of preparing the meal hall, preparing the vegetables, washing the endless (literally!) cooking dishes, etc., and leaving most of the real cooking to the experts. And so, I feel free to sing the praises of the cooks at Camp Triumph.

The View From The Kitchen - By Megan Brown

“I’m here to make pancakes, peel potatoes, figure out what to do with carrots the size of small children and make sure the supply of Just Us coffee never runs out“…but I can’t help but be affected by the lives of the campers. I think of the myriad of reasons why these kids are here. They come from families affected by everything from gambling and drug addictions to cancer, autism and MS.  I marvel at the courage it takes when you’re a child and yet have to assume the duties and responsibilities of an adult. I wonder about the quiet acceptance these kids have of their situation; their realization that what most of their peers take for granted is not even remotely possible for them. Simple things - like a Dad who can teach you to play soccer or a Mom who can guide you through the chaos and confusion of the feminine hygiene section at the drug store. For most of these kids the week at Camp Triumph is the only holiday experience the summer has to offer. 

Staff Information

Camp Triumph relies mostly on volunteer staff. We have volunteers come to camp from a variety of different backgrounds. They bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm. Most of our volunteers fill roles as counsellors, or come to help out in the kitchen. As part of the Camp Triumph staff you will have a blast working with our amazing campers. If you are interested in volunteering, you can get the application form here.

We also have a few paid positions each summer to make sure that camp runs smoothly and we are able to offer a top notch program for our campers. Take a look at the job descriptions below for more details. If you are interested in any of the positions please fill out the counsellor volunteer application and send us an email about your interest in a paid position. We will get back to you about the application process. 

Program Coordinator

This person will work closely with the Directors, Assistant Director, and other senior staff. They will be primarily responsible for the research, development, and implementation of the programming of Camp Triumph. This includes overseeing and taking a hands on approach to the daily activities of camp. They will ensure that all activities are operating safely. They are responsible for maintaining Camp Triumph’s equipment. They, along with the other senior staff will help to ensure the well-being of each camper. Experience in a residential camp setting is required. This person should have a wide range of experience with all of the activities at Camp Triumph. They should be comfortable leading large groups and directing other camp staff. Training and qualifications in first aid, challenge course operation, and water safety are an asset.

Assistant Program Coordinator

This person will work closely with the Program Coordinator to research, develop, and implement the programming for the camp. They will take an active role leading various activities during camp. They will ensure that Camp Triumph equipment and supplies are properly maintained. They will be a resource to counsellors who are running activities. 

Experience at a residential camp is required. They should be comfortable with leading large groups. They should be interested in developing skills to take on other senior staff positions. Training and qualifications in first aid, challenge course operation, and water safety are an asset.

Waterfront Coordinator

This person will be responsible for running the daily kayaking and beach activity sessions. They will also maintain and properly store the kayaks and beach equipment. They will direct the other staff to ensure the highest level of safety in all of our waterfront activities. They will liaise with the Cabot Beach lifeguards and develop safety plans for our waterfront activities. They will monitor closely the weather and in consolation with the Directors, determine whether to proceed with waterfront activities. They will work with the other senior staff of ensure the wellbeing of our campers. They will work with the other camp staff to supervise and lead activities when not at the waterfront.

This person must have qualifications or equivalent experience leading groups in kayaking in an ocean environment. Qualifications, or equivalent experience in lifeguarding and first aid are also strongly recommended.

Core Counsellor

Are directly responsible for the wellbeing, needs, and safety of a small group of campers each week. They are also responsible for running all activities (as part of a team) throughout camp and motivating campers to participate while aiming to offer the best experience possible for the campers. Counsellors are also assigned cleaning duties of the bathrooms, dining hall, and dishes on a rotation. In addition to assuming all regular counselling duties, core counsellors assist in some aspects of programming where needed, fill in gaps in staffing, and assist the Directors in carrying out duties pertaining to the operation of camp. Other duties are assigned as required including the preparation of camp and camp facilities before the session begins.

Facility Maintenance

This person will be under the direction of the Facility Manager and the Directors. They will perform daily tasks required for the smooth operation of the facility before, during, and after camp. This would include, but not limited to, daily cleaning of the bathrooms, kitchen, dining hall, lodge, and staff cabin. They will ensure that all bathroom areas are functioning and stocked with appropriate supplies. They will be responsible for proper disposal of all waste at the camp. They will also perform light maintenance tasks as required and deemed appropriate by the Facility Manager, or Directors.

Executive Chef 

This person, in consultation with the Directors and other senior staff, be responsible for the development of the Camp Triumph menu. They will source and order all necessary food and kitchen supplies. They will oversee the daily operation of the kitchen during all camp sessions. They will be aware and plan accordingly to accommodate dietary requirements and food allergies. They will ensure the camp is following all regulations for food safety as set out by Environmental Health. They will oversee all of the kitchen volunteers and direct them as appropriate. 

Experience with sourcing and ordering food, and running a kitchen are required.  Qualifications or equivalent experience in culinary arts and food safety are required. Experience working with children is an asset.

Assistant Cook 

This person will work directly with the Executive Chef to ensure the smooth operation of the camp kitchen. They will work closely with the Executive Chef and kitchen volunteers to prepare all meals at camp. Qualifications or equivalent experience in culinary arts and food safety are required. Experience working with children is an asset.