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2019 Camp Triumph Dates


Senior Leadership Session: July 17 - 27
Session One: July 21 - 27
Session Two: July 28 - Aug 3
Junior Leadership Session: Aug 7 - 17
Session Three: Aug 11 - 17
Session Four: Aug 18 - 24

Applications are not yet being taken. They will be available on or before the end of January.


Additional Documents

Volunteer Staff Applications

Using the forms below fill out the applications, scan and email them to or mail them to the address provided on the form. You can volunteer for any one or multiple weeks:

Our dates will be announced in January 2019.

If you’re interested in applying to volunteer this summer, contact


What you would be doing:
Each week, we bring in 10-14 volunteers who serve as camp counsellors for the campers. These volunteers spend the week onsite having fun with the kids and giving them the best experience possible, responsibilities include: 

  • Help to lead activities

  • Build relationships with the campers

  • Supervise and look after the needs of the campers as a part of the team of staff.

What we look for:
Committed, capable, passionate individuals who put the needs of campers first. People who enjoy collaborating with others and make a positive impact in the lives of our campers. We want you to be engaged and excited about the camp atmosphere which is displayed in the way you focus on delivering the best experience possible for the campers.

Application forms for campers, our mentorship program, as well as counsellor and general volunteer can be filled out on your computer. For camper applications, You will still need to print the forms off once filled out and sign where appropriate. Please ensure that you include the refundable holding deposit with your child's application form. Camper applications are assessed on a first come first served basis, so please send them in right away to guarantee a spot!

Please email us if you have any questions at

Volunteer applications can be emailed to us, all others must have a hard copy mailed to us.

Camp Phoenix - PEI Type 1 Diabetes Camp

We now hold the PEI Type 1 Diabetes Camp, now called Camp Phoenix, at Camp Triumph This is a program ran by Camp Triumph with the assistance of a medical team and other staff. Qualifying campers can register for the camp online starting in late January 2019.

See the Camp Phoenix page for more details.