Donors – Why Invest?

Support Camp Triumph on the path to sustainability


The only experience of its kind in Canada, Camp Triumph has provided a unique and unforgettable camp experience to children who have a family member with a serious chronic or terminal illness, or disability. Children, aged 7-16, congregate in this wonderful haven where they take a break from the challenging lives they face at such young ages. Camp Triumph addresses and serves their complex needs effectively. Camp Triumph relies greatly on volunteers and support from our tremendous community to provide our programs without cost to the families. We provide therapy through FUN. Our campers take part in a balanced program that includes, physical activity, healthy eating, creative arts, self-esteem boosting, relationship building, and relaxation. Each camper has the freedom and opportunity to truly be themselves, grow, and come to better understand their complicated feelings. Something they aren’t able to do at home.


With your support, hundreds of worthy children from across Canada can benefit from Camp Triumph. As much research has shown, illness of one family member significantly affects the entire family, especially the children. We’re helping children learn how to deal with and overcome hardship, adversity, and anxiety, while nurturing resiliency and maturity in these children. With their unique experience outlook on life, these children can grow into the leaders of tomorrow with help from our camp programs. Not only that, your contribution will help to promote stronger family units and a healthier Maritime community.
Since there are millions of Canadians battling the full range of illness and disability, there are still so many children that could benefit from Camp Triumph.


  • 92% of our budget goes straight to children’s programs.
  • 7% of our budget goes to fundraising costs and 1% to administrative materials
  • We receive little government or corporate funding
  • We are family-founded, volunteer driven
  • We are filling a largely unmet need


No child should be left behind. A child in this type of situation doesn’t receive the same sort of attention they may in a “normal” family atmosphere to no fault of the family. It is just the reality of the situation when a family member is ill or disabled. They require more attention. This is where we come in. At Camp Triumph, the children enjoy a respite from the stress in their everyday lives while developing coping strategies, confidence, and self-esteem. 


Our history proves why these children need an oasis like Camp Triumph. As demonstrated in testimonials like the ones on this page. We help send these children in the right direction. At first thought, one might not understand the need. But the experience these children receive at camp is often the highlight of their year. Their “Christmas” as some campers put it. The connections they create with other children last throughout the year. At camp, they get to relax and just be kids. They don’t have to keep their feelings bottled up or feel alone, anxious, and scared. Most of these children grow up spending a great deal of time in hospital waiting rooms rather than in the backyard. The Possibility and reality of death is no secret to them at a young age. That can help lead to significant anxiety and fear. We have 11 years experience helping our campers to cope. 


  • A donation amount of your choosing

  • Contribute to paying our bills

  • $500: send one worthy kid to camp

  • $1,000: permanent plaque on one of our kayaks

  • $2,000: tree planted with permanent plaque

  • $5,000: company logo on website, logo on camper/staff T-shirt