How do we apply to Camp Triumph?

It’s simple - just download, print and fill out the application form. Once you have that done just mail it to us. In fact, anything that you can download from this site is located right here. We have the Volunteer Application for those who would like to lend a hand at Camp time, as either a counsellor, cook or maintenance.  We also have the mentorship program application form. 

  • Camper Application Form

  • Mentorship Application

  • Volunteer Application

I would like my child to go to Camp, but I don’t know if we qualify.

If you feel that your child should be given this opportunity because of your family situation, then that's worth discussing. If you are worried that you do not really fit the bill, then feel free to contact us via email to explain your particular circumstance. info@camptriumph.ca

How much does Camp Triumph cost?

The camp was designed to be free for the children attending. All you have to do is get them here. We do ask for a deposit of $100 to hold your child’s spot, but you receive it back once your child arrives at camp. (If you choose to donate the $100, you receive a tax receipt for the full amount.) Camp Triumph operates on revenue from fundraising, grants, and donations. The actual cost of a week of camp is $600, and $750 for the leadership camp. All donations are greatly appreciated so that we can continue to offer the camp free to families. 

What is Leadership Camp?

Leadership camp is for returning campers, aged 14-16, who want to challenge themselves, develop valuable leadership and communication skills. The campers participating in the Leadership camp have four days with a small group of peers and then overlap with the larger camp for the remainder of their time at Camp Triumph. These campers will participate in all camp activities as campers and be positive role-models for other campers. They NOT staff or staff in training. If your child is interested in leadership camp, please indicate this on your application form and have him/her fill out the separate leadership page. We are unfortunately not able to accept all youth who apply for the leadership program.

Why does Camp Triumph accept applicants from such a broad age range?

It has been our experience that the larger age range in our campers has actually been a benefit to the camp as a whole as well as the kids attending. The camp begins to feel very much like a family as the week passes.

I would love to help, but I can’t come to Camp or give money.

Well, there are lots of ways to help. We need to get the word out that we are a great resource to the community and all of the Atlantic Provinces. Year round we are working on fund-raising, building projects, and advertising. If you would like to lend a hand with some of the behind the scenes stuff, we would love to have you. Please contact us via email if you are interested in helping in any way. info@camptriumph.ca

How do I get my child to and from camp?

Transportation is the responsibility of the families.  It is sometimes possible to car pool and share the drives. If this is a barrier to a family we try to get the word out to other parents from the same areas.  There is often support available from local service clubs but it is the responsibility of the families to seek those sources out.  Schools and social workers are often a good resource to assist with this. We hope to have more support for transportation in the future but at present we are focusing on building the facility and running a top-notch program. Click here for directions.

What time do I drop off/pick up my child?

Campers should be dropped off between 3:00-5:00 PM on the Sunday of the week they are attending. We are not able to accept any campers before 3:00. If for some reason you are delayed in getting to camp please phone us to let us know (902) 836-4668. Dropping your child off at camp can be stressful for you and your children. The best approach is to help them get their belongings settled into their cabin. After quick goodbyes let their counsellor introduce them to their cabin group and get them involved in the activities that are running. The longer parents linger the more difficult it is for you are your child. At the end of the week of camp we hold our closing of camp at 11:30 AM on Saturdays. This is a very important time for all the campers. It is there time to be recognized for the amazing children they are. It is also our opportunity to thank our many sponsors and volunteers that make camp possible. Please do not plan to leave until after the closing, which typically lasts an hour. There will be refreshments at the end to enjoy.

What should I pack for a week at Camp Triumph?

There is a packing list for camp included with the registration forms. You can download another copy from our website.

What is the primary focus of the camp? 

The focus is on having an exceptionally fun time in a safe atmosphere of mutual support and understanding.  We help children to escape from their usual stresses, gain confidence and learn some new skills.  We are not a therapy camp but a lot of healing and resilience-building takes place naturally, supported by our amazing staff.

How are the children grouped?

The children are grouped according to age and gender.  There is a counsellor assigned to each group of 4-6 campers.  The group eats together and shares the same cabin with their counsellor.  There are activities when the whole camp participates together and other activities where smaller groups participate.  The counsellors are responsible to ensure that all their campers are safe and enjoying themselves.  There are other staff who help support this and run programs.

How do you handle picky eaters?

We have a varied menu that has been tested and adapted over the years.  There are enough different foods offered at each meal so even if a child doesn’t like one item there is enough to eat.  Children are encouraged to try the food but will be offered an alternative as necessary.  We do not engage in power struggles.

How are kids supervised and how is discipline handled?

There is, at minimum, a 4-1 camper to staff ratio.  Campers are only allowed on our grounds and are directly supervised for all activities and free-time.  We go as a whole camp to the beach for swimming and beach activities. There are 2 counsellors in each cabin at night. Discipline is handled in a positive manner. We recognize that many of the acting out behaviours that we may see are a result of the underlying feelings some of our children have with respect to their personal situation at home. Our staff is experienced in dealing with these situations and make every effort to ensure that everyone comes away with a positive experience. 

What are the backgrounds of your staff?

Our staff is an amazing group of people who volunteer their time and expertise.  They come to camp because they are committed to providing a wonderful experience to the kids.  Many of the counsellors have similar backgrounds as our campers. Our counsellors tend to be somewhat older, with more life experience, than is typical for summer camps.  As volunteers, they chose to come to camp as opposed to other camps where the staff are there because it is a summer job.  They are typically university or post university students.  A large contingent of medical and post-graduate students make up our staff. Our counsellors are pursuing careers in nursing, medicine, physiotherapy, recreation and other fields that are related to children and families. They have lots of experience and skills that support our programming.

Since the camp is free to the campers how do you cover costs?

It is fundamentally important that we continue to offer the camp free of costs, as we know that in many cases, the costs incurred by families who have an ill member can be significant.  This is a big challenge which is ongoing. We rely on fund-raising, donations and grants.  We welcome support in all these areas.
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As an outside group, can I rent Camp Triumph’s facility? 

Yes. We rent our facility to outside groups for retreats, conferences, their own camp week or weekend, field trips, and special events. Find more information on renting the facility or coming in for a day at camp, here.