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Camp Triumph and is excited to tell you about our partnership that allows children on Prince Edward Island living with type 1 diabetes the chance to attend camp in the province this summer! This alliance between Camp Triumph and the community means PEI Diabetes Camp, now known as Camp Phoenix, will continue for years to come.

Who are we?

The community supporting this camp is comprised of diabetes camping experts with over 35 years combined experience in operating camp for children living with type 1 diabetes across Canada, camping professionals from Camp Triumph and your local paediatric diabetes medical team. It is difficult for a child living with diabetes to go to just any camp, but at PEI Diabetes Camp, children get to be children again, and their families can rest well, knowing their diabetes care is a top priority.

What is diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is a life-threatening chronic disease that appears suddenly in someone’s life. It requires daily balancing of carbohydrate intake, blood glucose monitoring, and insulin. If blood glucose levels go too high or too low, diabetic coma and death are real consequences. In addition to the physical component of diabetes, it can be a life stressor on the child and their family, with social and emotional support critical for management.


Our purpose is to provide a fun, safe – yet educational, diabetes camping experience to children and youth from Prince Edward Island through the amazing experience that is summer camp. The environment is full of adventure, friendships and learning with the support of camp and medical staff.

Camp Activities

This camp is unique in that it offers all the wonders of a typical camp, and activities available at Camp Triumph:

·      Campfires,

·      Themed suppers,

·      Swimming,

·      Archery,

·      Games,

·      Arts and crafts,

·      Kayaking

·      Sports & Games

·      Climbing & Obstacle elements  

 … with still more engaging programming that is combined with the added bonus of a full medical staff to support campers living with diabetes!

Join Us This Summer

Registration is open for this summer! Registration is required to secure your spot as a camper this summer.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact Stéphane Richard at or by phone at 1-506-878-0396. Camp updates will be posted on the PEI Type 1 Diabetes Facebook page.