About – Camp Triumph


Camp Triumph is all about having new experiences, connecting with others who have similar challenges, gaining confidence, and having lots of FUN.  We bring together children and youth from across Canada to experience a special haven, where the daily stresses take a backseat and our campers are the focus for a change.

Our Mission

To acknowledge, support, and provide an opportunity for children and youth - whose families are affected by chronic illness or disability - to build confidence, positive self-esteem, and reach their full potential through nurturing qualities of perseverance, respect, and understanding.

Our Vision

Illness and disability touches millions of Canadians and therefore we are only scratching the surface. It is our ultimate goal to support and positively influence as many children as possible who are struggling with the affects of illness and disability within their families. This group of children are at risk. Their needs are great and must be given the attention they deserve all year round. This can only happen with the help of those already in our communities. Individuals, businesses, healthcare professionals, charitable organizations, and foundations must play a role. Together we can help millions of children and shape a generation.

Our Goals

It is our goal to provide a support network and establish a program to support these children and families throughout the year through fun events, counselling, and resources aimed at helping families understand and cope.
We strive to educate the general public and the healthcare profession about the importance of recognizing and fulfilling the needs of these children and about the significant impact illness and disability has on them.

Guiding Principles

  • Offer camp free of charge to all children who have a chronically ill or disabled family member.
  • Provide a safe space for sharing and listening
  • Provide role models for campers and opportunities for staff to develop skills and insight to take forward in their respective careers
  • Enhance the development of positive self-esteem
  • Provide an opportunity to escape the daily impact of illness
  • Focus on positive aspects of hardship
  • Provide activities that encourage cooperation, respect, and resilience
  • Inspire a determination to maximize one’s potential
  • Instill a respect for others, society, and the environment

The Impact

Illness of one family member significantly affects the entire family, especially the children. We’re helping children learn how to deal with, and overcome adversity, conflicting emotions and anxiety, while nurturing resiliency and maturity. With their unique experience, outlook on life, and with the help of our camp programs, these children can grow into the leaders of tomorrow. Many are well on their way.

A child in this type of situation doesn’t receive the same sort of attention they may in a typical family atmosphere, to no fault of the family. It is just the reality of the situation when a family member is ill or disabled. They require more attention. This is where we come in. At Camp Triumph, the children enjoy a respite from this stress while developing coping strategies, confidence, and self-esteem. Kids are observers. Parents may not realize exactly the affect these situations are having on them. We help to focus these difficult experiences in a positive light. These kids come to understand the realities of life from a young age, value it more, and put life in perspective.

Our programs acknowledge the stresses caused by chronic illness and its impact on all family members and assists children in developing coping strategies. Camp Triumph provides an opportunity to get a break from the demands of challenging life situations by participating in an adventure-based summer residential camp where self-esteem and confidence are nurtured and friendships are forged with those who can truly understand because of shared circumstance.